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Baker's Cyst Causes Pain

Baker's Cyst Rupture

Most often a Baker's Cyst does not cause pain. In some cases, you may not notice it at all. If you do experience problems, they might include:

  • Mild to severe pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling behind the knee and calf
  • Bruising on the knee and calf
  • Rupturing of the cyst

Baker's Cyst Rupture

A blood clot can also cause bruising and swelling behind the knee and on the back of the calf. It is important that your doctor examines the swelling to determine if the cause is a Baker's Cyst or a clot. An MRI or ultrasound might be used to help make a diagnosis.

A Baker's Cyst does not occur on it's own. There is always an underlying issue that causes the cyst to flare up. The doctor will normally diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the Baker's Cyst which will in turn cause the swelling from the cyst to go down.