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Baker's Cyst Natural Remedies

Although medical treatments are available, Baker's Cysts usually don't require this form of intervention. Treatment for cyst pain is to make yourself more comfortable as your body naturally heals itself. Resting your legs frequently throughout the day helps alleviate inflammation and prevents further strain on your knees.

Healing doesn't happen overnight. A Baker's Cyst healing depends on your body and its ability to bounce back from injury. Inflammation and pain may take two to six months to heal. Although there is no clear-cut answer as to when you will be free of this pain and the cyst that goes along with it, taking proper care of your legs and knees helps.



Rest and protect the knee. Stop, change or take a break from any activity that is causing pain and soreness. A Baker's Cyst is usually a secondary inflammation due to a primary injury. Resting will allow for the body's natural healing process to begin. The more you are able to rest your knee, the quicker the recovery time will be.



Ice will help with inflammation by slowing down the amount of blood being supplied to your knee. With an injury, blood is sent to the knee to help deliver nutrients and oxygen to the injury, to help heal it. With inflammation present, this extra blood flow causes pain.



Along with ice, compression will help with reducing inflammation as well as helping to stabilize the injury. Compression will help keep the knee safe so it can't be injured any further.



Have the knee elevated above the heart by placing pillows underneath it while you rest, and that will help inflammation from recurring. It is important to rest your knee as often as possible to give your body the best chance it has to heal.

Stimulate Blood Flow

Stimulate Blood Flow

Along with the RICE method, stimulating the blood flow will greatly improve your healing times. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen and one of its jobs is to naturally heal the body. By increasing the blood flow to the injury site, you will be increasing the nutrients and oxygen to the injury site, therefore speeding up the healing process. Look online for places that specialize in Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy medical devices.

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Can I use the shoulder wrap for my knee?

I have been doing it the past few days, it seems to get good coverage on the knee is there any reason why I would not be able to continue in this manner?

Re: Can I use the shoulder wrap for my knee?

Hi there,

I'm glad to hear you're experiencing improvement with your injury.

As long as the products are in contact with the injured area and snugly fit, then the treatment will be functioning as intended. So if the fit for the shoulder wrap is fitting for you, then feel free to continue treatments.



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